Who We Are, Where We’ve Been

2019 Report

The Recreational Vehicle campers started arriving on Thurs, Sept 12, and formed an open sided rectangle with their units. A total of six units set up. The large gathering tent was set up in the center area.

Friday was a clear day, with light winds from the south, and temps hitting the mid 90’s. Arrivals via airplanes and cars began showing up on Fri morning. The sign- in table was set up and the rough parts of the grass areas were marked with flags.

Chapter 110 and 659 member Rick Spurling and his wife Glenda prepared a superb Friday evening dinner of smoked pulled pork, pulled chicken, potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, desert and beverages. Around 45 people enjoyed that meal and the socializing afterwards under the stars. Thank you, Rick and Glenda!

The local Breckinridge Bluegrass Music Association held their monthly free show at the Lodge, which was attended by several, including one of our regular fly-in attendees who joined a jam session with his mandolin.

A weak cold front came through during the night, produced no rain, and Saturday was much cooler and pleasant, again with light winds, but from the north.

Through Saturday, some flew to the nearby airports to pick up cards for the Poker Run, and others who did not fly obtained their cards locally.

Later, the Spot Landing contest was held. Around 8 aircraft participated. Most got close, producing oohs and aahs from the spectators, but there was only one winner.

At one time, about 60 aircraft were on the field, but through the day, aircraft continued to arrive and depart. Aircraft included a full range from a homebuilt Light Sport Double Eagle, an early model Kitfox, Marquart Charger, Cubs, Champs, RV-8s, Falco, Glastars, many more modern factory produced aircraft, and, a treat for many, a beautiful P-51 Mustang.

There were somewhere around 10 wing campers staying overnight. With the light breeze and temperatures cooling into the 60’s at night, conditions were perfect.

Breakfast was made available by a Park food truck vendor. Lunch was available from that same vendor, as well as from the Lodge restaurant and the Dam Restaurant, across the road at the far end of the runway.

Later, a good crowd met in a common area in the Lodge restaurant for dinner. As usual, the buffet provided a wide selection of delicious food and deserts.

Then, everyone met at the large tent for socializing in anticipation of the prize drawings and evening event.

Current Chairman Norman Houglan began the evening by introducing past many- year Fly-in Chairman Berry Bannon, remembered by many, who was able to attend and was given a fine reception.

Tickets were drawn to determine winners of the many door prizes that were donated.

Norm announced that the Spot Landing Contest was won by defending champ Greg Smith of Burkesville, Ky. He had to leave early, but, not to worry, the unique and strangely attractive trophy WILL be delivered to him.

Tickets were drawn for the various raffles:

Grand Raffle (six winners) – 1st, ANR Headset from Wicks, won by George Baumler; 2nd, Desktop Scanning Radio from Sporty’s, won by Jerry Irwin; 3rd, Cryket LED light from Wicks, won by Bob Waggoner; 4th, a $25 gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce, won by Rob DuPont; 5th, another $25 gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce, won by Bark Bybee; and 6th, a $25 gift certificate from WagAero, won by Brad Smith.

50/50 Split the Pot was won by T.J. Crivits, who collected $116. The WACO Tour, donated by Steve Koch, was won by Monte Gullion.

The Poker hands were revealed. An early triple 7 was high until the last hand, when Ken Jordan produced a Full House, earning him $158.

Then, for the first time at the Fly-in, a Trivia contest was played, moderated by Ch 110 member and past-President Keith Mountain, who, with his Australian accent and curious commentary kept the game going at a lively pace. The 1st place winner was the Pipers, a group from Louisville and Scottsburg, who somehow had to spit a 50 dollar bill, and the second place went to Berry’s Babes, a group from Louisville and Hurst, Il, who shared $25.

Socializing continued into the late evening.

Sunday started with departures into a crystal clear sky, slack wind and cool

temperatures. By early afternoon, most aircraft were headed home.

The Fly-in was near-perfect and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The Committee will soon review the details and start planning for the 46th annual fly- in on the traditional second weekend in Sept, which is Sept 11 – 13, 2020.