2017 RR Fly-in kickoff meeting

Photos from the 2017 fly-in, courtesy of Ron Johnson – ron@adtecinc.com

Photos on page 3 and 4 courtesy of Greg Waters

Videos now available


1- DC Pro-X headset from Wicks Aircraft, Josh Gilberts

2- Eagle Nest rental from Rick Tabb, Berry Bannon

3- Flight Bag from Sporty’s, Gerry Lynn

4- Flight Review DVD from Sporty’s, Josh Gilberts

5- $25 Gift Cert from Aircraft Spruce, Gary Graham

6- $25 Gift Cert from Aircraft Spruce, Teresa Scherffius

7- $35 Gift Cert from Wag Aero, Bob Waggoner

8- Basket of Booze, from Judy Houglan (winner restricted to those present), Ken Jordon

Poker Run
There were two co-winners this time due to a rule mis-understanding – Rick Spurling and Bob Waggoner, who split $150.

50/50 Split the Pot The winner was Allen McDavitt, who pocketed $111.

Waco Tour for Two from Steve Koch of Classic Biplane Tours The winner was Mike Lowell.

Spot Landing The competition was close, and Brandon Schulz of Vine Grove was announced as the winner.  He became the proud holder of the new traveling trophy built by Bob Waggoner